14 May, 2009

Civilian Casualties, Hospital Attacks, Shelling on No Fire Zone and the hypocrisy of the Western media

Sensational News sells .No doubt but it should not be at the expense of the truth . Free media means media is free to report the truth not what ever it feels or thinks its right. Of course every body is entitled to their opinions but if it is their opinion it should be clearly stated so with out harping it like the absolute truth. With free media come the responsibility with out the responsibility it’s the freedom of the wildass.

Defeating a world class terror organization is no doubt sensational news. When that terror out fit is termed as the most ruthless in the world by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation USA), is termed as undefeatable by the so called military pundits and now its being defeated fair & square by a Military force of a small island called Sri Lanka while the western world sophisticated military forces huff & puff in their wars against terror is sensational news of the highest order any media organization worth its soul would want to be a part of this history in the making .All want to be a part of this party .Alas but this tiny nation called Sri Lanka has decided that No one comes to the party uninvited but surely being big shot media institutions in the west would qualify them to get an invitation. But how on the earth a third world country like Sri Lanka say no to media moguls in the west .But surprise ,surprise Sri Lanka has decided enough is enough and had the spine to say No to these media organization. So since there are no invitations for the party these media institutions now has decided to crash the party. How dare a nation so small say no to the powers that matters .So some of the media institutions are hell bent on discrediting Sri Lanka. Teaching a lesson to Sri Lanka would be their revenge little they realize it is their own credibility ( If they had a credibility may be what is left of it) that they are putting at stake by raising baseless allegations by publishing information disseminated by a well known terrorist group aka LTTE ( Liberation tigers of Tamil Ealam ) a terrorist organization fighting for a separate mono ethnic Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka..

international media has no access to the conflict area

One of the most common and often highlighted issue is Western Media personnel are not allowed in to the conflict area or NFZ( No fire Zone) nor in to the IDP welfare centers. is it because the GOSL( Government of Sri Lanka )has any thing to hide .The answer is No what can the GOSL hide from the western prying eyes of the military satellites of the host countries of these media institutions. There are few reasons

The govt is not in a position to guarantee the security of the media personnel in the conflict area if they get hurt or get killed it would be the same institution that would start screaming at the top of their voices. It is not that far when a foreign journalist was shot and injured by the security forces when she was trying to cross over from the LTTE held area to the govt controlled area in the night after going in to the LTTE controlled area even with out informing the government. And what country allows media personnel access to war zones None of the counties which preaches media freedom to us allow reporters free access to the war zones Mainly due to sensitive information leaks which could be used by the enemy to their advantage so information which is vetted by the respective militaries will be released to the media nothing wrong in that .freedom of the press doesn’t mean that they can poke their nose in to any thing .

Why aren’t the government allow reporters to visit the NFZ( No Fire Zone) there cant be any harm to the reporters there .Theoretically yes all though designated as a NFZ it is a well known fact that the LTTE has its gun positions located inside NFZ even under international law permits to take out these targets even located amidst civilian areas with an appropriate and proportionate use of force .What is proportionate is adequate response to neutralize this threat so so still the reporters are at risk the government in no way can guarantee their safety. But if a reporter is willing to take the risk why does the govt. still refuse the media to go in .Simply they can be taken in as a part of the human shield if these reporters are taken hostage their respective governments would go berserk and will demand to get involved since then they have a right to get involved since lives of their citizens at stake .The GOSL doesn’t want other people to meddle and make things worse because the se saviors are known to mess things in style in which ever conflict they meddle with .The other reason is why should a legitimate government allow a bunch of terrorist thugs access to mass media at its expense to use for their propaganda .These media institutions want access to them because these idiotic media men have given parity status to a legitimate government and a terrorist organization.

then isn’t the IDP camps safer as per governments own declarations on paper this sounds ok here is the practical situation. The government has received any one who has come without arms to these welfare centers but it is a well-known fact that hardcore terrorists are also among them so until all of them are screened and identified only monitored access is provided. because these hardcore carders disseminate lies and bias information .which is taken as truth by unsuspecting media personnel given way these media people act now and they way they publish information from unverifiable sources no wonder the government have second thoughts about allowing them in .

Hospitals are shelled by SLA(Sri lanka Army)

Ironically as per the western media the Sri Lankan forces have targeted all the hospitals sensational headlines isn’t it .this is all the so called media institutions want they don’t give a rat about the civilians of Sri Lanka if they are so concerned about the civilians why not shout in the same tone and pitch when western forces attacks results in deaths .Oh how can they be so careless .ok ok they have apologized saying they are extremely disturbed oh what do they call it “collateral damage. This is a clear ploy of the LTTE to evoke international sympathy and when the army rolls in to these areas what do they find strange the hospitals which were suppose to be shelled are intact may be Sri Lankan hospitals are built with self healing/construction properties .But quiet contrary to the claims we find enough evidence that the tigers have used hospital buildings as their command centers. Not like the sophisticated air forces in the world the Sri Lankan air force (SLAF) uses less complex target acquisition mechanisms due to this SLAF targets are accurate they even managed to bomb the LTTE police centre & The secretariat which was located surrounded by NGO offices in killinochchi with out even the slightest damage to those offices so we don’t miss our targets and hit stray targets like the more advanced air forces .well even the UN was taken on a ride and they had to apologized to the govt but the so called media giants just don’t give the same prominence to the correction .

misreporting instances

shelled hospital in good condition UAV footage

UN Appologises for cluster bomb comment
Various pro LTTE websites constantly publish photographs which they claimed to be the pictures of the shelled sites ,Mysteriously the so called hospitals hit by shells have their roofs ,walls intact even the small glass bottles on tables remain the same and the submitted photographic evidence doesn’t have any shrapnel damage or burn marks.

Shelled hospital and dead people but every equipment intact not a single damage consistant with a shell attack Wall claimed to be damaged by a shell yet the name board close to the wall has not even a single fragment mark or burn mark and still stands upright

Any person who has an iota of knowledge about a site which is hit be shells know the nature of damage to be expected yet none of the usual damage is visible . they claim that people are killed and photographs show dead people who are well inside rooms and theaters were damaged yet no structural damages to the hospital.

Then came the story of 5600 shells being fired with in one night .Oh come on 5600 shells falling on a 4sqkm stretch should flatten the entire area to the ground because any sane army would not fix its arty target on a single grid. Yet even the trees in this area seem to be intact so where have all the shells which is supposed to be hit this area have gone. this is the nature of the reporting of the propaganda machinery of LTTE ,yet the westerners and their so called free media treat these as gospel truth if you want more look at the following photograph which was published in the tamil net isn’t it heart breaking to see a photo graph of this nature

Civilians running for safty . or is it
Don’t let your eyes fool you now look at the actual picture see how a smiling photographer takes pictures (Right side lady with the light blue shawl covering her head)

so much for the credibility of Tamilnet and the LTTE this is what they have being doing for 30 odd years carrying out disinformation campaign after disinformation campaign ,lies to demonize the Sri Lankan government .even after all these if the western media still want to believe what the terror sympathizers say over that of a legitimate democratically elected government. it just shows the idiotic nature of the western media

Civilian Casualties

When the westerners here the word LTTE they think it has all the features characteristics of a conventional army at least that is what the western media has let the people believe. So how do we identify a LTTE cader ? of course by the uniform isn’t it or is it . but the reality is LTTE rarely wear uniforms for combat what you see is managed photo operations where they pose in uniform in reality they come to battle not in uniform but in civilian clothing

The reason is if ever they are killed in the fighting LTTE just take away the guns vola the gun wielding terrorist now becomes an innocent civilian LTTE takes photographs of these carders in civilian cloths who are actually killed in action and photograph and shows to the entire (LTT

So it is up to the western media BBC, Aljaseera ,AFP,CNN and all who are getting mislead by terrorists its your own credibility which is at stake and its your choice whether to be a part of this and loose what ever the remaining credibility you may have being left with or act now as a responsible media organization tomorrow may be too late.

07 May, 2009

Does History Repeats it self....

During the recent past a lot has being said of history repeating itself with regard to the conflict of Sri lanka .Most of these examples were quoted by the pro LTTE  lobby(Liberation tigers of Tamil Elam –A banned terrorist organization in Sri Lanka, EU ,USA & India ) two of the most quoted are Stalingrad( WW2 battle) and the battle field reversals faced by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) during ‘operation jayasikuru” period.  


I will not go in to an in-depth analysis of these battles but will emphasize on the similarities drawn with the Sri Lankan battle theater by the pro LTTE propagandists


Battle of Stalingrad (July 1942 & Feb 1943)

This was a world War 2 (WW2) battle fought  between Germany and the Soviet Union for the  control of the city of Stalingrad  this is considered as a  turning point of WW2 and is one of the bloodiest with casualties running in to well over 1.5 Mn  The German offensive trust to take Stalingrad, the battle inside the city and the devastating counter attack by the soviets which trapped and destroyed the 6th German army ..

The capture of Stalingrad was important to Hitler for the following reasons.

1.      Stalingrad was a major industrial city on a vital Main supply route (MSR ) between the Caspian sea & the northern Russia

2.      It will secure a flank for the German army on its way to Caucasus to cut off fuel lines to USSR

3.      The city bore the name of the ruler of USSR and is a vital propaganda opportunity

4.      Stalingrad was an industrial city if captured would be a blow to war machinery of USSR


The Battle formations of the German army and its allies has vulnerabilities due to thinly defended northern & southern flanks .Due to overstretching of its forces .And they were ill equipped to fight in the hard soviet winter.


The soviet counter attack

The red army counterattacked from the northern & southern boundaries of Stalingrad targeting the flanks of the German trust in a double envelopment and boxed the  6th army destroying it comprehensively.

The double envelopment formations broke in to two o each front forming a defensive front to the outside of the city while attacking the boxed in 06th army on the interior of the city thus blocking reinforcements and reducing the enclave held by the 06th army at the same time.Source: http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/battle_of_stalingrad.htm

In the Sri Lankan context Parallels of the battle were drawn to the siege of Killinochchi by the Sri Lankan army and it was forecasted that LTTE would deal a crippling blow to the SLA as the USSR did to the Nazi Germany. The highlighted parallels to the battle of Stalingrad were

1.      Killinochchi was the de-facto capital of LTTE and is of more symbolic value than of any military value

2.      SLA attached a more significance to the fall of killinochchi (a wide publicity was given)

3.      The on setting monsoon & adverse weather conditions would reduce the effectiveness of the SLA while the LTTE would be operating on more familiar conditions to them.

4.      Urban l house to house close quarter fighting would render close air support and artillery support a non consideration due to vague line of controls

5.      The rubble and the urbanized nature would render the mechanized units of the SLA ineffective thus reducing the disadvantages to the LTTE

6.      Urban fighting would drag for long thus bogging down the SLA and leaving LTTE enough time to regroup & counter attack


This hypothesis was that Killinochchi would be Sri Lankan army’s Stalingrad but this was flawed from the beginning as to the numerical and technological superiority of the Sri Lankan defense forces(SLDF). In Stalingrad both the USSR & the German armies are evenly poised which resulted in advantageous positions were created due to weather conditions and superior strategy .How ever in the Sri Lankan case the SLDF had a clear advantage over strategy, Firepower, Numerical Strength & Air Superiority. It seems that this was mere psychological warfare by LTTE than close to reality. The actual ground situation prior to the battle of killinochchi was  


1.      The adverse weather conditions did not give a clear advantage to the LTTE both sides were affected equally while the SLDF with more resources came on top of the situation.

2.      SLA never left its flanks vulnerable and each division moved in clockwork precision in support of each other


3.      SLAF virtually had a monopoly in the skies and had the capability to hit strategic targets as well as tactical targets.

4.      SLDF made sure that the LTTE is not in a position to commit a larger number of fighters to the killinochchi front or to a significant counter attack by activating the national front (Muhamale & Nagarkovil) and pinning a considerable force of LTTE for the defense of the aforesaid..

5.      All though much hype was created by the SLDF about the eminent fall of killinochchi this appeared to be a diversionary tactic as battle formations in other sectors(Mullative -59 Division & Poonerin -58 division ) gained significant ground while the LTTE focused on defending killinochchi city . By the time LTTE realized this tactic and focused on other sectors both Mulathieve and poonarin were either threatened or run over by SLA during the confusion prevailed SLA laid siege to killinocchi as well LTTE’s response was to little too late. and was completely outfoxed by the movements of SLA  

6.      The military value of killinochchi is less when compared to paranthan which was a strategic gateway to the northern jaffna peninsula when the actual attack on paranthan came and was overrun by the SLA killinochchi began to fall automatically and SLA managed to overrun Killinochchi with out much resistance .This tactics aaoided a potential urban war situation for the SLA.

Finally the Stalingrad came but ironically it was LTTE’s Stalingrad not SLA’s .not at Killinochchi but in the battle for east  & south of puthukudirippu which  two text book style flanking attacks by the SLA trapped the major force of the LTTE boxing them and ultimately were wiped out like the 6th German army in WW2  at Stalingrad.


Operation Jayasikuru -1997 may- 1998 may

The main objective of the Operation was to clear a land based MSR ( main supply route) to Jaffna and the military gains of the SLA of months  was reversed with in a few weeks by the LTTE with  devastating counter attacks which pushed the SLA to the brink of defeat trapping apx 50,000 in the jaffna peninsula which pave the way for the now infamous Norwegian brokered ceasefire(CFA).Iit was predicted that the same fate will befall on SLA when the LTTE counter attack at the appropriate time in the current offensive too .

 The troops advanced in narrow columns along he A9 ( Jaffna – kandy Road  leaving both their flanks vulnerable and overstretching the supply lines this weakness was exploited by LTTE by attacking  the middle of these advancing columns successfully cutting off supply lines which isolated the front some times for days until commando teams were able to re-link the formations & MSR .In the mean time isolated formations were hit badly and a large number perished .

But during the current face of the war SLA advanced not in columns but in larger wide fronts. and offensive divisions of the SLA moved in such a way that flanks of the each division are well protected thus drastically reducing the opportunity of a counter attack for the LTTE

In addition SLA always kept multiple fronts active which required LTTE to thin out its resources thus largely reducing its ability to concentrate its resources on a singular front (Which is a common tactic by LTTE).Inability to co-ordinate and operate multiple fronts  was the Achilles heal of LTTEand this vulnerability was exploited to the maximum by SLA by advancing along wider fronts in multiple theaters.

The small team tactics were extensively used to harass the LTTE and to conduct attrition war fare until the full brunt of the offensive came .Further this tactic minimized the SLA casualties since even if LTTE counter attacked large number of troops were not exposed.

Due to the above factors and many more logistical inconveniences the much publicized and expected counter attack by the LTTE never came.

An historic battle in Sri Lanka bears an undeniable resemblance to the current operation

Forget about Stalingrad, and operation Jayasikuru where the ground realities are far far from what we experience in Sri lanka today . It is noteworthy to examine the battle of king Vijayabahu the 1st to drive out the cholas (A race of South Indian invaders ) which was fought on the same battle grounds of  northern & eastern parts of sri lanka, What similarities are there in a battle fought thousands of years ago .to a battle being fought now which is being fought with more destructive weapons, today we have a war which is fought on land, sea & air where as in the yester years it was mostly confined to sea and land .But it is said that what ever the technology ,what ever the tactics the final battle will be fought on the ground by infantry units or foot soldiers .historically it was the cavalry, elephant corps, and archers which played the supporting role for the foot soldiers today this supporting role is performed by the artillery regiments, mechanized infantry  divisions & armored corps. so where is the similarity, is it the battle tactics ? due to the introduction of the technology and new weapons battle tactics have undergone a drastic change but the undeniable and mind boggling similarity comes in the path taken by the Sri Lankan army of king Vijayabahu the 1st  to defeat the cholas and the offensive trusts of the modern Sri Lankan army.

Kinh Vijayabahu sent 03 armies to defeat the cholas in polonnaruwa from ruhuna .The offensive started in 1069 AD he sent one army along the east cost up to mahathiththa (Present day mannar) to block reinforcements arriving from south india part of this army branched off to attack pollonnaruwaa.He send the 2nd army across the country to attack pollonaruwa from the south .Them he sent the third army along the western cost to attack pollonnaruwa .the 03 armies boxed in the chola army from three directions at pollonnaruwa and in 1070  AD ,pollonnaruwa was overrun .

Here is the interesting part in the modern war  against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE ) the launching pad or the nerve centre of operations was vaunia .The Army General Sarath fonseka deployed three divisions in the main theater of war .58 division went along the western cost up to poonerin to secure and prevent any reinforcements coming in from south india. Part of this division branched off and went along route A35 to mullative .59 division went along the western cost to mulative while the 57 division went across the northern sri lanka via kilinochchi to mullative. These are the three main divisions used the rest of the divisions 55 & 53 played a defensive part for a major part of the battle and they were deployed in offensive roles  only during the latter part of the war 

The blue colour markings show the offensive path of the afore mentioned divisions and the green line shows the boundary at the start of the operations. Is this mere coincident or is it the way historically Sri Lankans found out as a feasible battle plan in driving out invaders from southern India .was the Sri Lankan General  following his great fore fathers in eliminating the terrorist threats from Sri Lanka. Its History in the making in Sri Lanka and but I would say history is indeed repeating.



Battle of Stalingrad –wikipedia

Operation Jayasikuru-Sri Lanka Army -wikipedia

King Viijayabahu 1-wikipedia

Photo credits belong to the original creators 

27 April, 2009

Is international community ignorant or blind to the truth

What the International Community should know

The people who cry at the top of their voices and shows a concern about the current situation in Sri Lanka should understand few basic facts about this conflict

LTTE ( Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam ) is a ruthless terrorist organization

LTTE (Tamil Tigers) is classified as the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world by none other than the FBI .LTTE pioneered the use of suicide bombs .They forcibly recruit child soldiers and killed civilians numbering to thousands including the Tamils and Tamil leaders. Including two world leaders a Prime minister of India Hon. Rajiv Gandhi & a president of Sri lanka HE.R Premadasa .They have ethnically cleansed the northern part of Sri lanka of Muslims & Sinhalese by killing entire villages including children & infants. this are a mere tip of the grave human crimes they committed in their pursuit of their dream of a mono ethnic homeland, this led to LTTE being proscribed in USA, Canada, EU , India Sri lanka and several other countries

LTTE fund their military campaign through forcible collection of taxes from Tamil people in western countries specially in UK, Canada & Australia. this lead the respective governments to investigate and freeze assets of bogus charity organizations such as WTO( World Tamil Organization), TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization) further LTTE runs several illigal operations including international drug & weapons smuggling, Human trafficking credit card frauds and several operatives are already convicted by the legislative offices of those respective countries.

For more information


LTTE Atrocities

LTTE Atrocities 2

LTTE child Soldiers- unicef article

Claims of Genocide

There is no genocide in Sri Lanka as more than 2.3 Mn of the Tamils live with the other communities with out any problem in Sri Lanka (census 2001.page 10) (The census was not possible in the LTTE held area in 2001) ironically the tamil citizens live alongside other communities in all the districts in sri lanka
but it is the other communities who were chased away from mullative, killinochchi & manna districts which were under the control of the LTTE and these districts were ethnically cleansed by the LTTE of Sinhalese Muslims and other communities this is the real situation. There is no ethnic cleansing or genocide against Tamils in Sri Lanka it is the other communities which were affected .refer the statistics of 1981 census

The Tamil civilians in the LTTE held areas escape at the first given chance to the government controlled areas.If the Sri lankan army is accused of genocide isn’t it obvious that Tamils will not come towards the army but all these people in their thousands run towards the party accused of their genocide not at the self proclaimed savior (LTTE) this defies all rational thinking and logic isn’t it .And ample evidence of this was shown to the diplomatic community on the 20-04-2009 through a live feed from a UAV(Unmanned Ariel Vehicle ) at the SLAF control room
The Tamil civilians in the LTTE held areas escape at the first given chance to the government controlled areas.If the Sri lankan army is accused of genocide isn’t it obvious that Tamils will not come towards the army but all these people in their thousands run towards the party accused of their genocide not at the self proclaimed savior (LTTE) this defies all rational thinking and logic isn’t it .And ample evidence of this was shown to the diplomatic community on the 20-04-2009 through a live feed from a UAV(Unmanned Ariel Vehicle ) at the SLAF control room

The other claim is concentration camps are run by the army and that the civilians in these camps are not allowed free movement. and often these camps are compared to the concentration camps of the nazi era in Germany. if you take the literal meaning of a concentration camp yes these are concentration camps as only displaced Tamil civilians are housed here. The reason is there were no civilians of other communities to be displaced by the on going offensive against the terrorist in the three districts under terror control namely Mannar, mulllative, killinochchi other communities were chased away or killed by the LTTE decades ago., but the what I want to stress here is that normally when we here about concentration camps the picture we get is death camps of the nazi Germany during world war 2 .so in that sense it is very sad and a misrepresentation of facts if the welfare camps run by the government of Sri Lanka are referred to as concentration camps and its an injustice to the government who takes what ever possible measures to provide the essentials to these Internally displaced people(IDP).The conditions may not be the perfect but these civilians are far better than under LTTE control and where ever possible the government is trying to provide a family unit with a single shelter unit.

The other claim is these people are not allowed free movement outside. Let me ask a question these people were under the LTTE for almost three decades and LTTE never allowed these civilians free movement in to government held areas for three decades so now where can they go

The other reason is whether we like it or not some of these people are hard core LTTE carders in civilian clothing (sleeper cells of terrorists awaiting orders to activate) hence the security of the rest of the country is also of paramount importance therefore with out proper screening by the Military intelligence & counter terror units these people are not allowed to leave these camps till clearance is given.

The other baseless claim is the government is planning to hold these civilians in the camps for an indefinite time period. The areas liberated from terror clutches are now being demined once the de-mining is completed and the all clear signal is given the civil administration is restored these civilians will be allowed to go to their villages the point I like to stress here is the resettlement of the eastern province and the government has resettled all displaced people from the area with in an year.

Sri Lankas’ War on Terror

The current military campaign by the Democratically elected Sri Lankan government is to eradicate terrorism and to establish government control over the terrorist held areas of Sri lanka and 99%is already cleared .The present crisis is triggered because the LTTE is holding the civilians forcibly at gun point and tries to use them as a human shield against the advancing military and they consistently fire their guns hiding among the civilians. Inside the government declared no fire zone(NFZ) for the protection of the civilians. Now the entire remaining terrorists including their psychopath leader Velupillai paribaharan ( A wanted criminal in india & Sri Lanka )has moved in to the NFZ converting the NFZ in to a hostage zone Now the government of Sri Lanka is facing a hostage release situation and all diplomatic efforts to get the civilians released by the LTTE has failed as the LTTE know the moment they let the civilians go the Sri Lankan Military would crush them with in hours as now they are cornered to an area of apx 12 square km

Srilankan military in a daring rescue mission released half of the civilians few days ago you could see live videos of this taken through UAVs of the Sri Lankan Air Force and the Sri Lanka government Showed these video strems live to the diplomatic community at the Sri Lanka Air Force Headquarters at the time of the operation please visit - hostage rescue operation in Sri lanka

Then why is the huge cry by diaspora Tamils

NGOs & INGO are restricted from accessing the conflict zone

Most of the NGOs INGOs and Human rights organizations were accused of giving material aid and technology to LTTE and there is enough evidence of these and im sure once the military operation is over the government of Sri Lanka will made public the findings of the on going investigations as loads of evidence are unearthed as the military conducts search and clear operations in the areas they have captured.

All though these aid agencies (Some) collect funds for the welfare of these people nothing has being done in these areas these are the realities we found as the millitary gained control over village by village of the terrorist held areas so naturally there will be lot of explaining to do by these INGOs so as to the end use of funds.There was a parliamentary select committee appointed recently to make recommendations to the government of the operations of INGOs & NGOs and an interview with the chairman of the committee can be seen here

It is acknowledged that these organizations do not support terrorism as a policy however it is also a fact that LTTE has infiltrated these organization through local staff as no other person can work in the LTTE held areas hence it is no surprise that information which these organizations receive are doctored and filtered through LTTE operatives who work for these organizations to suite the agenda of the LTTE

Even the claims by the UN,WFP BBC of shelling hospitals & he use of cluster bombs by SLAF ( Sri Lanka Air force) and deployment of chemical weapons were shown to be a hoax initiated by bogus propaganda of the LTTE as the government showed photographic and video evidence of hospitals claimed to be bombed and it is a known fact the SLDF( Sri lanka Defense forces doesn’t posses neither of these weapon types nor the delivery systems capable of deploying them in to the theater of war. im sure the media who reported these did not give enough or adequate publicity to the counter claims or evidence to justify the bogus nature of these claims in order to save their face

Allegations proven wrong but no publicity given by the international media/press to save their face

Canada,UK,Australia ,France protest rallies

Protesters were carrying the flag of LTTE a banned organization in these countries except in Australia yet police did not take any action only the French police had the guts to take any effective action rest of the spineless police forces looked on while the terror sympathizers support openly for a known terrorist organization .only one question remains to be asked will al qaeda sympathizers would be allowed to do the same.

Most of the rallies held in capitals of western countries are to safe guard the LTTE not the civilians as non of these protestors not even a single one of them asked or demanded that the LTTE should let the civilians go .Further when half of the civilians are rescued by the Sri Lankan Military the protestors should be the happiest and should rally around to give the basic supplies to these displaced people .Now not a mummer from them it is the Sri Lankan Government and the general public(including the Sinhalese who are accused of mistreating Tamils ) that takes care of them now

Who are these Tamil protesters most are economic refugees who used the situation in Sri Lanka to get asylum status and most have their applications pending end of conflict in Sri Lanka is end of their reason to be in these western countries. These are the people who protest and make a huge cry

Yes the government does not allow any reporters to go in to the NFZ as it cannot guarantee the safety of the reporters only embedded reporters are their with the military isn’t this the norm with any military operation. But there are ICRC and the Christian aid organization caritas working with the government to distribute food inside the NFZ.Oh thats right this food is supplied by the Government of Sri Lanka knowing very well that the LTTE terrorist are using the bulk of these.(This was authenticated and verified by the civilians who are returning to the govt areas.)

Civilian casualties,

In any war there would be civilian casualties .Can any body name a single war with out civilian casualties and it is the unfortunate situation .But when compared to the other theaters of conflict Sri Lankan conflict can be stated as the one with the minimum number of civilian casualties due to the Sri Lankan forces adopted policy of zero civilian casualties. Following are statistics from Iraq & Afghanistan people who preaches Sri Lanka should practice what they preach.,

having said that civilian casualties cannot be justified in any conflict .Then a reasonable question to ask is what are the pictures and videos shown by civilians killed in pro LTTE media .It should be noted that LTTE combatant are not known to ware the LTTE uniforms when they confront the government forces they come in civilian attire the difference is they wield a gun .even underage children and women are used by LTTE for combat .(These are verified and substantiated facts)Once they are killed and the gun is removed what evidence is there to call them combatant and magically the dead body becomes a civilian and the aid agencies and other NGOs are shown these dead bodies of course they look like civilians but the truth is far from the reality . SLDF dosenot always release pictures of combatant killed but in few instances they have go through them and see how many are in civilian cloths. this is the bitter truth behind the civilian casualty story .hence the actual number of civilian casualties are exaggerated SLDF doesn’t intentionally target civilians.

Let Sri Lanka finish its war on terror and the truth will prevail in the end .The government of Sri Lanka is taking the maximum possible precautions due to civilian presence if not the remaining area would be overrun by the Sri Lankan Forces within hours. So please don't get mis leaded by the propaganda of terror sympathizers and be a stake holder to bring misery to Sri Lanka we have had enough for thirty years due to idiotic meddling in to internal affairs of Sri Lanka by interested foreign parties. enough is enough let Sri lanka defeat terrorism and let peace be dawned on this beautiful island this is the request of all peace loving people of Sri Lanka

23 April, 2009

Humanity of Sri lankans lets lead by example

Sri Lankans have an outpouring humanity

Five years ago on 26th of December Sri Lanka faced the worst ever tragedy in the contemporary history .The tsunami wave which originated near the sea of Banda-ache province in Indonesia lashed at the coastal belt of Sri Lanka .leaving approximately 30,196 people confirmed dead and close to 15,000 people missing with apx.1.5 million people displaced.

No amount of planning or preparedness would have allow any institution or government to handle a situation of this nature .The government of Sri Lanka immediately mobilized its troops for relief operations but given the magnitude this is not adequate at all .the initial assessments revealed that Sri Lanka is the 02nd worst affected countries by the tsunami.

The immediate problems at hand was feeding 1.5 million people and providing them basic necessities like water, clothing and shelter and sanitation facilities. this is the dilemma the government faced. The rest is history the common people of Sri Lanka rallied around the government and religious and other reputed organizations took the lead and people came in their thousands and donated what ever they can .we cancelled our office trips and parties and bought what ever we could from the money we had and gave for the people who were displaced. Some people worked day and night to provide a meal for the affected. The promptness, generosity, kindness and above all the outpouring humanity of the Sri Lankan people allowed us to get through the immediate aftermath of the disaster. While the other countries struggled to cope up Sri Lanka came through and none of the epidemics or diseases which were the norm in a situation like this were spread among the displaced people. By the time the aid from friendly countries were mobilized Sri Lanka has stabilized the situation

Later on we remember how US being a developed nation and having dedicated institutes like FEMA( Federal Emergency Management Agency) struggled during new orealens floods which is insignificant compared to the devastation Sri Lanka faced.

The relevance of this historical analysis is the current situation with the Northern people who were held hostage by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam).The Sri Lankan military has shown the entire world what they are capable of by executing what it termed as the biggest hostage release operation and the result was an inflow of over 100,000 people to the government held areas .The situation facing these people are not that different to the people after the tsunami.These people have also lost all their belongings and have only the cloths they are wearing

We the Sri Lankans have handled 1.5 Mn people before it is no Herculean task for us to handle 100,000 people so while the so called advanced western countries and relief organizations struggle to mobilize their relief & aid lets show them once again what we the Sri Lankans are capable of by taking care of our northern brothers & sisters .Im glad as I write the wheels are already set in motion to assist these displaced civilians so as Sri Lankan we can do this and it is the best answer we could give to the bogus human rights crusaders and Tamil Diaspora donkeys who shed crocodile tears for these people while they were trapped organizing protest after protest and have gone dead silence now.

Lets show to the outside world that Sri Lankans have an outpouring humanity and demonstrate that people in the south Sinhalese, Muslims and other communities and look after their Tamil brothers & sisters


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18 April, 2009


Srilanka is a tiny island in the Indian ocean separated from India by the palk straits & the gulf of mannar . It lies between longitude 79E -82E & latitude 5,N -7N .It is surrounded by the sea and has plenty of sandy beaches and blessed with a tropical climate a four to five hour journey would take you through hot climate to the cool climes of the hill country. And the climate could range from 32c to 05c
Sri Lanka has one of the oldest documented histories which spans over two thousand years and is home to Sinhalese race and co inhabited by Tamils, Muslims & burghers to a lesser extents. Sri Lanka boasts of unique architectural and irrigation marvels which shows the competencies & the technical superiority of the great civilization of the Sinhalese which is second to non with unbelievable monuments and citadels and truly is a world heritage site.

Legend has that lord Buddha designated Sri lanka to be the place where his dharma(Preachings) will be protected and this in turn has led to the common belief that Sri lanka is a blessed country and is protected by the deities as per the order of lord Buddha.

Blessed with unmatched natural & scenic beauty , and a very mild climate abundant with flora & fauna and inhabited by various forms of exotic wild life nourished by unspoiled tropical rainforests and plenty of waterways & rivers which very few countries of the world has parallels.

Srilanka has its fare share of calamities both natural & manmade, historical & contemporary however it has survived almost for 2500 years better than any other nation or country in the world
Considering all these it is fare that we call this island of Sri Lanka “A land like No Other”